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Mailing Services

We do it all.

American Business Forms has full mail house capabilities including high speed addressing, folding, inserting, sealing, variable mail merge printing, postal rate reduction, post office delivery, along with EDDM printing and distribution.



Save on postage:

Planning a direct mail campaign for your business or organization? Instead of mailing the printed pieces yourself, let us help you create the pieces and do the mailing for you. This applies to just about any printed piece, from promotional materials such as postcards and catalogs to periodicals such as newsletters and bulletins.

Even for relatively small mailings like 200 – 500 pieces, the postage is cheaper than if you applied the postage yourself. That’s because the post office provides a postage discount for mail that is presorted and bar coded. You also save the labor expense associated with processing the mailing yourself.

Also, the addresses are checked by NCOA software to ensure they are valid. This prevents perfectly good printing and postage from being wasted on undeliverable addresses.

Variable Mail Merge Printing :

If you would like your mail piece to be personalized with your customers name embedded into the piece we can handle that. If you are using Codes or Offers specific to each client for tracking, we can put a separate code on each piece. Give us a call to discuss these options.

EDDM Mailings :

When sending a marketing mailing there is a new way to mail them that can save postage as well. It is called an EDDM Mailing. The EDDM which stands for Every Door Direct Mail is only 18 cents per piece for postage compared to a letter that costs 49 cents. Your savings on postage is 66 %. We all would like to grow our business but the work is cumbersome. We have to purchase an address list from a list provider and then design a mailing piece which also takes time. Instead of using a 49 cent stamp, you can send EDDM cards out to any given neighborhood that they choose.  You can search and choose any neighborhood from the USPS Postal Website. You start with searching on a zip code but then you can choose to just send the cards to a specific neighborhood. These large post cards can be many sizes: 6 x 11 inch, 6.5 x 9 inch, and as large as 9 x 12 inch (there are other sizes in between).  Our marketing department at American Business Forms does all of the artwork for Free and we have many designs to choose from on our website.